Wednesday, December 30, 2015

IV Therapy: A Useful Tool in the Treatment of IBD

By: Dr. Kimberley Ramberan, ND

Patients often ask me - "Why did you decide to do the extra training to become an IV Certified Naturopathic Doctor?" My answer is, "because this treatment works and it works fast!" I first became interested in intravenous (IV) therapy while in a severe flare while attending naturopathic medical school.  My Naturopathic Doctor at the time thought that I could benefit from IV Therapy and I sure did.  Within 48 hours my energy was better that it had been in months and the flare-up that I was in started to turn around after consistent treatment.  I knew I had to be able to offer this kind of help to people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) because of the immense value it could bring to their overall quality of life.

Why IV Therapy is a Valuable Treatment for People with IBD

The fact is that patients with IBD have a harder time extracting the nutrients from their food as the integrity of their digestive tract has been compromised and weakened by inflammation. The inflammation damages the small, finger-like cells in the intestine - called "villi"-, allowing the body to breakdown complex nutrients like protein into a usable fuel source for the body.  Needless to say, when villi become damaged, the body's ability to derive the nutrition it needs from food is decreased.
When the body is deficient in key nutrients, cell-to-cell communication is inhibited, thus making it harder for damaged tissue to heal.  Nutrient deficiencies can also cause a barrage of other symptoms, such as:
  • Headache
  • Pain
  • Dry Mouth
  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Acne
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

How IV Therapy Works

IV therapy uses high dose vitamins, minerals and natural substances intravenously.  This offers a route of administration that bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the circulatory system guaranteeing a greater concentration of nutrients into the cells.  IV Therapy allows for highly concentrated nutrients to enter cells more easily in order to heal and repair cellular damage caused by chronic  inflammation.  It can correct for deficiencies much faster than oral supplementation. This leads to the patient feeling better and promotes shortened flare-ups and lengthened periods of remission in patients with IBD.  Each IV bag is custom-formulated based on what their individual needs are.

Constantly "just getting by" or "not being able to eat or do what everyone else is eating or doing" or feeling like " your life has to be put on hold" is not conducive to a healing state of mind. Sometimes feeling just a little bit more "like you" is all we need to keep working on getting better.

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