Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Year ... New You?

By: Darryl Gomes  R. Kin., CAT(C), D.O.M.P., D.Sc.O.

Happy 2020 to all of you!!
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Another year has come and gone. The beginning of the year represents a time for change and renewal. The quote by Mahatma Gandhi is a good way to implement change in your lives:

It takes a lot of willpower and time to cease the old habits and implement the new ones. It is ok to "fall off the wagon" ... you just need to get back on. You can fall once or fifty times, keep getting back up. Your body and mind time to adjust to the changes. This is a natural part of change.  Remember, you need to make the change for yourself ... because you want it.

What Do I Focus on to be Healthier?

Mind: This involves taking the time to plan out your day, so you are not rushing around. Taking the time to organize your closet/kitchen/home office can help not only to de-clutter your living space, but can help to de-clutter your mind. Solving crossword puzzles, memory games or pleasure reading are good ways to keep your mind sharp.

Spirit/emotional: Meditation is a great way to not only calm the mind, but it can help to keep your stress levels down, which will help you to become emotionally centered. Religion is also helpful for enriching our spiritual lives. Making the effort to socialize with friends and family (ideally over the phone or face to face) can also give you that emotional lift.

Body: A combination of cardiovascular exercise, weight training and eating the right foods is ideal for getting the body into optimal condition. Treatment to heal acute or chronic problems you are  dealing with is also important.

Besides Working on the Body, How Does Osteopathy Help Me?

The mind, body and spirit are incorporated into every osteopathic treatment. One cannot exist without the others.

Yes, addressing postural problems will allow the body to function optimally, which can reduce a lot of the acute and chronic problems you experience. Pain can prevent us from living our lives the way we want. Therefore, osteopathic treatment can help to remove those physical barriers that stand in our way. However, osteopathic treatment involves looking globally at all aspects of health. 
  • Receiving the right exercises in your sessions is required to maintain corrected postures and muscle imbalances. The body needs that constant reinforcement, via exercises, in order to work efficiently. 
  • An individual needs to be eating the right foods in order to provide the body with the necessary nutrients and fuel the body requires.
  • Understanding that a person has outlets (eg. hobbies/friends they socialize with/counselor they can speak to about private affairs) that keep them going and motivated
  • Sometimes physical problems have emotional components attached to them that need to be released. Whether through trauma (such as a car accident) or the loss of a loved one, our mind and emotions can stunt our bodies ability to function and heal. Often, people will get emotional releases when they receive osteopathic treatment, big or small. These releases need to happen in order to allow for a healthier mind and spirit.
Remember, your body isn't like a car that just needs mechanical/body work performed on it in order to keep running. All aspects of health need to be addressed for true health.

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Stay active!!