Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Gets in the Way of Health?

We have become a society inundated with How To information.  For many people their health desires elude them because they are asking the wrong question. Most people already know that they need to drink water, exercise daily, eat healthy food, have a good sleep regimen, spend time outside, etc. The problem is bigger than How To and the answer does not lie in finding the right supplements to take. It is about getting a handle on all the things that get in the way – such irrational beliefs, misplaced priorities and the sense of not enough time.
Health, to a large degree, is a state of mind. If you believe that pain and discomfort are common as you age, than that is what you will likely experience. There are many factors that impact health (causal factors of disease), but more than anything it is a result of the choices that we make every day. Health is an intention, a state of mind. When you make your decisions based on what is healthy you are more likely to experience health.
One irrational belief is that disease is random – that it is not possible to determine the cause. We have the science to explain how an earthquake in one country can cause a tsunami in another; how animals are able to communicate even though they are thousands of miles apart and we use science to show how thoughts change cellular functions; yet we still propagate the belief that disease is often random, that the cause is elusive. As long as medicine and advertising claim that disease “just happens” or that it is all about genetics there is little reason to actually look for the various causal factors. The focus is on identifying different treatments versus looking to prevent disease.
If we are ever going to get a handle on health care we need to start by putting logic back into health care – which means identifying and treating the causes of diseases.  To learn more . . .
By Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND